About Utopia Island

Utopia Island is known for its magical beauty.
White rich sands, Crystal clear waters, pleasant breezes, and bright sunshine all year round.
Its underwater flora and fauna of the coral reserve guarantees a wonderful world that captivates you with its beauty.
You deserve nothing but the best!

Located in the city of Safaga in the Red Sea Governorate, the island of Utopia is one of the oldest sandy islands known to the Red Sea, with an area of 1.5 square kilometers of fine sand (and classified as sandy and not rocky)
On its left side is the largest coral reef extending along the island, which is classified as one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Red Sea.

* And extending on its right side is a sandy beach, with a depth of 10, is very safe, suitable for all ages
* Where it was discovered more than 200 years ago, due to the rising sea level, where it was submerged by water, and it is one of the best diving spots that come to the best divers from around the world.
Because of the tide and the root, Utopia appeared to us during the day and disappeared at night at the beginning of the last century and continued in this state for nearly 25 years until the sea level declined and appeared permanently throughout the whole day
Which added to its sandy nature, a high percentage of mineral salts, as the largest doctors and researchers in the field of alternative medicine advised that the sands of Utopia help in treating the bone from dampness, and doctors recommend it to their patients for the treatment of joint stiffness and rheumatism by enjoying a sand bath for about half an hour from three to four times monthly
In addition to the many activities and sports that were provided on the island by ( Fanadir ), the company responsible for taking care of Utopia Reserve and providing it with the best services in the field of nutrition and welfare .


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